Absolutely Everything (2)

Absolutely Everything – the exhibition which I curated at TAAG, Teignmouth – finished on November 3rd. During the week TAAG had almost 700 visitors. About half were attending workshops, but many of them also visited the exhibition. We had plenty of positive responses – some of which are recorded in the comment book (shown in my other blog post here). What follows are some photos of my contribution, which was set in gallery #2 of the TAAG space, following a last minute cancellation.

Absolutely Everything 001

IMG_5620 copy v2

TV Life

IMG_5621aa copy edit2

Absolutely Everything 005

Visiting Mum

IMG_5621bd edit2

Is There a Heaven?

Is there a heaven v2

Is there a heaven text

God Is a Concept

God is a concept v2

God is a concept text

Buy one, Get one free (tribute to Brian Haw)

IMG_5622 v2

IMG_5623 edit2

Absolutely Everything 003

Whisleblowers and other paper works

Absolutely Everything 014


IMG_5669a v2

Catalogue page 1

Thanks to everyone who visited and, most of all, to the artists – Whitney-Anne Baker, Cress de la Fosse, Clare Heaton, David Harbott, Katie Scott-Hamilton, Karen Tarr – who made the exhibition a success. A photographic record of the whole show is posted on my other blog here.


Absolutely Everything

Our next group exhibition, ‘Absolutely Everything’, is on in Gallery I of TAAG in Teignmouth from 28th October to 3rd November. Contributing artists include: Angela Hilton, Clare Heaton, Cress de la Fosse, David Harbott, Karen Tarr, Karen Scott-Hamilton and Whitney-Anne Baker.

Absolutely Everything poster leaflet (1)

The PV is from 4 to 6 on Sunday 29th October. Hope you will look in to say hello and check out what promises to be an interesting exhibition.

Baltic Wharf Performance Walk

In my more detailed blog, I look back on a ‘Performance Walk’ in Totnes led by Phil Smith that I went on two years ago (link here).

Totnes walk 007

This posting was prompted firstly by a facebook reminder; but also by the fact that last weekend I did another psychogeographic walk in the landscape around Bitton, facilitated by Christina Sanders; followed by some experimental land art in Yarner Wood, led by Amanda Pellatt. Both were entertaining and instructive.

I hope to post something about both those activities shortly, after I have recovered from yesterday’s experience of Philip Hoare‘s the Tale in Torbay.

PCA Fine Art Degree Show 2017

Our Fine Art Degree Show took place at the Regent Street Studios during June 2017. Here are some photographs of my installation ‘Buy one, Get one free’, which is about our mindless consumption of material goods and information. The housewife, from 1950s advertising, is a proxy for neoliberal capitalism and the multinationals’ global economy. The boxes are home to those for whom the system has no use. The viewing portal offers a glimpse of the past and present, and of the future if we don’t fight back.




Viewing portal flat copyc edit copy

Photographs of all the graduating student contributions to the 2017 Fine Art Show are shown here in my other blog.

‘Five Years’ at Devonport Live

From the 21st to 27th April I had a short solo retrospective ‘Five Years’ at the Devonport Live studio space in Plymouth. It showed a selection of my work from the past five years, linked to the music of David Bowie.  The exhibition was extended from an original three days to a week and we had some interesting visitors, including a woman who had worked for Bowie at Mainman in the early 1970s.

Five Years 000A full set of photos of the work on display – most of which had been exhibited previously – can be found here. The new accompanying exhibition texts can be viewed here.

Five Years 002

Five Years 022

Five Years 024

International Postcard Exhibition

From 14 January to 11 February the annual International Postcard Exhibition took place at the Surface Gallery in Nottingham. I submitted five recycled cards for inclusion and took the opportunity to visit Nottingham while I was travelling north of the M25 earlier this month. Here are a few photos:





The submission criteria were quite relaxed and, as far as I am aware, the only prize is by public vote. I didn’t win – but this isn’t entirely surprising, particularly allowing for leisurely shipping by Royal Mail, which resulted in my cards being on display for only the final weeks! There was an interesting and varied selection of work on display, though.