Absolutely Everything (2)

Absolutely Everything – the exhibition which I curated at TAAG, Teignmouth – finished on November 3rd. During the week TAAG had almost 700 visitors. About half were attending workshops, but many of them also visited the exhibition. We had plenty of positive responses – some of which are recorded in the comment book (shown in my other blog post here). What follows are some photos of my contribution, which was set in gallery #2 of the TAAG space, following a last minute cancellation.

Absolutely Everything 001

IMG_5620 copy v2

TV Life

IMG_5621aa copy edit2

Absolutely Everything 005

Visiting Mum

IMG_5621bd edit2

Is There a Heaven?

Is there a heaven v2

Is there a heaven text

God Is a Concept

God is a concept v2

God is a concept text

Buy one, Get one free (tribute to Brian Haw)

IMG_5622 v2

IMG_5623 edit2

Absolutely Everything 003

Whisleblowers and other paper works

Absolutely Everything 014


IMG_5669a v2

Catalogue page 1

Thanks to everyone who visited and, most of all, to the artists – Whitney-Anne Baker, Cress de la Fosse, Clare Heaton, David Harbott, Katie Scott-Hamilton, Karen Tarr – who made the exhibition a success. A photographic record of the whole show is posted on my other blog here.


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