Absolutely Everything (2)

Absolutely Everything – the exhibition which I curated at TAAG, Teignmouth – finished on November 3rd. During the week TAAG had almost 700 visitors. About half were attending workshops, but many of them also visited the exhibition. We had plenty of positive responses – some of which are recorded in the comment book (shown in my other blog post here). What follows are some photos of my contribution, which was set in gallery #2 of the TAAG space, following a last minute cancellation.

Absolutely Everything 001

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Absolutely Everything

Our next group exhibition, ‘Absolutely Everything’, is on in Gallery I of TAAG in Teignmouth from 28th October to 3rd November. Contributing artists include: Angela Hilton, Clare Heaton, Cress de la Fosse, David Harbott, Karen Tarr, Karen Scott-Hamilton and Whitney-Anne Baker.

Absolutely Everything poster leaflet (1)

The PV is from 4 to 6 on Sunday 29th October. Hope you will look in to say hello and check out what promises to be an interesting exhibition.

Mistaken Identities

From November 5th to 11th we’re returning to TAAG gallery II in Teignmouth showing an eclectic mix of collage, sculpture, printmaking, found objects, taxidermy and even some painting. Exeter College FdA graduates Steve Brown, Ruth Carpenter, Clare Heaton, and Karen Tarr are joined by Whitney-Anne Baker of strangeartworld.com and, for the first time, by Angela Hilton from Plymouth College of Art.

The title of the show, Mistaken Identities, reflects the reality that we all have multiple roles, jobs and identities in our everyday lives. As artists, these may be mirrored in our work, but the work only reflects parts of our who we really are.

Our previous exhibitions at TAAG were Summer Break (2014), and Art and Politics (2015). This exhibition is open every day from 10am to 5pm. Hope to see you there.

Mistaken Identities v3 printable

The catalogue for the exhibition is now available online here. I’ve also posted photos of the exhibition on my other blog.