Absolutely Everything (2)

Absolutely Everything – the exhibition which I curated at TAAG, Teignmouth – finished on November 3rd. During the week TAAG had almost 700 visitors. About half were attending workshops, but many of them also visited the exhibition. We had plenty of positive responses – some of which are recorded in the comment book (shown in my other blog post here). What follows are some photos of my contribution, which was set in gallery #2 of the TAAG space, following a last minute cancellation.

Absolutely Everything 001

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Nothing Bad Will Happen

This year, PCA Fine Art students put on an exhibition in Regent Street as part of the Plymouth Art Weekender. Although the number of students able to take part was limited and space available for showing was restricted, the show contained a great variety of work. Over two and a half days there were almost 200 visitors including former students, friends, school kids, and representatives from the Exeter Phoenix, Spacex, KARST, and PCA galleries.


The exhibition was curated and organised by Vesislava Zheleva, and the brief was broad: Material should reflect another side of student work away from the studio, or aim to provide an insight to the influence of Fine Art study on student practice.

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Plymouth Art Weekender: Nothing Bad Will Happen

‘Nothing Bad Will Happen’ is a student-led group exhibition, showing this weekend, featuring the work of nine 3rd year PCA Fine Art students. The aim of the exhibition is to contrast the work of students inside and outside the Fine Art Degree course.


My contributions to the exhibition are shown below. In the studio corridor I have three new posters developed this summer from earlier abortive zine work, which are bookended by two posters produced four years earlier:


My other piece is ‘Fame’ – a tribute to David Bowie, seen here being installed under the anxious eye of Adele (by Bethany Smiles). The work features a stuffed rat with one green eye and one blue, and is, of course, concerned with “identity, mortality, and our 15 minutes in the spotlight …”


The exhibition catalogue can be accessed here. The show is being mounted as part of the Plymouth Art Weekender – map ref 2 on the guide www.plymouthartweekender.com – and runs from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th September.

Full accounts of the exhibition and more photos can be found here and here.